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F. G. Rusty Hammond, CLU, ChFC

F. G. Rusty Hammond, CLU, ChFC

Financial Advisor

[email protected]

Target 1 Financial is committed to providing trustworthy and principled financial advice to individuals who need it most. Dedicated, honest, and knowledgeable of retirement planning, I take great pride in my ability to exercise my craft with the highest level of precision.

Here at Target 1 Financial I have built my firm on the belief that every person deserves the opportunity to invest their assets correctly, for the highest possible return. I understand that investing your hard earned income can be daunting - but I also have the knowledge and professional know-how to ease your apprehension, replacing it with confidence.

My firm works with individuals who are either approaching retirement, or who are already enjoying its endless benefits. I help people, fearful of running out of funds following retirement, better plan for the future. Whether you are experienced in the realm of investing, or are looking to learn about risk control, diversification, and the ever-evolving stock market, Target 1 Financial wants to help.

For professional management of your current assets and overall retirement, you can count on my firm to deliver. Your friendly neighborhood boutique investment manager is ready to show you the clear path to a more prosperous future. What are you waiting for?