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What is it that you look for in a financial advisor? Someone you can trust? Someone you feel comfortable with? Someone you can easily relate to? The truth is, your financial advisor should be everything listed above - and more. Here at Target 1 Financial, I have dedicated more than twenty years to serving clients who are looking to partner with a firm they can trust and count on.

As your financial advisor, my approach is both personal, and professional. In order for me to understand the full scope of your needs, I need to understand who you are. Rather than speed through this initial process, I take my time to ensure that I have a full understanding of your needs, goals, and current financial situation. In fact, one of the reasons I got into retirement planning in the first place was to connect with people in order to help them better prepare for retirement.

Target 1 Financial specializes in helping individuals who are near retirement, as well as those who are already enjoying this stage of life. Whether you have extensive investing experience or none at all, I will make sure that you understand and are comfortable with every aspect of your investment plan.