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Our Process

Financial advising is a service that is often overlooked by individuals until it is seemingly too late. Here at Target 1 Financial, we believe that it is never too late to plan for a sound financial future. That’s why we specialize in working with people who are very close to retirement, and also those who have already crossed that corporate-world finish line. Regardless of where you are currently positioned, my firm is uniquely qualified to guide you through the confusing maze that often accompanies retirement.

First and foremost, I am determined to know the entirety of your current financial situation. Once I feel as though I have a complete picture in mind, I analyze your reality against your ambitions, and make actionable recommendations that will ultimately improve your overall financial condition. After the final plan is finessed, understood, and approved, I swiftly put it into action. 

As imperative as it is to make smart investment decisions for my clients, continuously assessing the performance of those investments is even more crucial. I pride myself on my ability to quickly isolate areas in need of improvement, and making adjustments accordingly.

When you put your trust in Target 1 Financial for your pre- and post-retirement financial needs, you can rest assured knowing that you are backed by a team that is as invested in your returns, as you are.