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Why We're Different

Individuals who are unsure about what the future holds, often turn to my firm in order to gain clarity and insight into a stable retirement. Too many financial advising firms focus on confusing lingo and present their clients with unclear plans that seem to unnecessarily muddy the water.

Target 1 Financial operates on the principle of clarity. I sit down with each one of my clients until I am certain that they have a full and complete understanding of their custom investment plan. Rather than issue a series of complex steps without explanation, I work with my clients so that they have absolute and total comprehension of the plan we will put into place. After all, it is their money on the line. It is my belief that they should have a clear understanding of where that money is headed, before it gets invested.

Here at Target 1 Financial, we stand out from other financial advising firms because we aren’t required to sell proprietary products that other firms may be encouraged to sell. My advice is unsolicited, and based on my knowledge and experience - not on an institution’s recommendation. Simply put, when you trust my firm with your retirement plans, you can be sure that your best interest is always at heart.